Rules for posting in this forum-READ THIS FIRST


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    Rules for posting in this forum-READ THIS FIRST

    Post  Admin on Sun Jun 05, 2011 2:22 pm

    There have been a recent string of members that have failed to follow the simple rules of this part of the forum. The format posted is to make it both simple and informative to all tha want to boost. ITS NOT THAT HARD PEOPLE-JUST COPY AND PASTE THEN FILL IN THE BLANKS. From now on I will just close all Topics that don't have the listed format in some way. No warnings will be given.

    Please read and follow these rules. Anyone not following these rules will have their Topic closed.

    If you wish to post your GT and notify members when you are available to boost please post in the following link

    Format to post about starting a Boosting Match
    1. When starting a Boosting topic make sure that you add the following information in your first post
    -Date/Time you will be playing
    -How long you will be playing
    -Game you will be boosting on
    -How many players you are needing
    -List of players that have answered
    -Your GT and how they are to contact you

    Example (Copy and Paste)

    Time and Date of boosting:
    Will be playing for______hours
    Game Mode to be played:
    I need ___players
    So Far I have the following players
    My GT is:
    (Pick one)
    Send me a message on XBL
    Post here with your GT for invite

    As you get players ensure that you are adding them to your list that you place in your first post and post how many slots you have left
    Once you have enough players you need to post "Game Full"
    After your game session is over come back and post "Game Over" in the thread and in the Subject Line for the Thread. This will help members know which games are ongoing and which ones are unavailable.

    2. No Flaming or insulting one another if the game goes bad. It is not tolerated here. The site rules still apply. If you have problems with a member, don't play with them again.

    3. Failure to follow these rules will increase the chances that your topic will get closed and deleted.

    Please follow these simple rules. They are designed to make it easier for members to set-up and find a boosting game.

    If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.

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