Tips on making a Good Suggestion.


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    Tips on making a Good Suggestion.

    Post  Admin on Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:52 pm

    Wanna make a suggestion?
    Stickied by ADMIN.

    Read this first!

    I will be showing you Some good basics to use when making a suggestion!

    1. Do some research.
    See if theres already a suggestion for the same thing,
    If there is dont post.
    If not then continue with the other tips!

    2. Making a nice title.
    Something thats right to the point,
    Something like
    (New idea for the rep system) or (Clothing Thread Suggestion)

    3. Start off by telling your suggestion.
    (Something like, I think we should add This, Or that.)

    4. Then go onto explaining why the site would benefit by adding your suggestion. This one is important!
    (So if i was making a suggestion for adding a Clothing Board)
    I might say I think the site would benefit from this because it would be a nice place for member who enjoy fashion to chat about all the new styles. And where to shop for them, And display their clothing.
    Idk its a stupid thought.
    But you can get the idea why i think it would benefit the site.

    5. Give an example of your idea.
    As long as you don't advertise a site in the process.
    Maybe like a screen shot of your suggestion in affect on a different site.

    6. Make a poll.
    Make a poll to go along with you post,
    So maybe something like,
    Would you like to see this in affect. (Yes, or No)

    Hope this helped a little,

    If you have any ideas how i could improve this post please feel free to PM me or post a comment.

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