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    A Recruit is a new member of SEF. It is a feeling out process to find out if a member feels at home in the clan and for the clan to see if the member will acclimate well into the community. Their sole responsibility is to get to know IGC Members and start to learn the Code of Honor and Rank Structure.


    A Private is the first rank where the member is actually a part of SEF. Their responsibilities are limited to knowing the Code of Honor and Rank Structure, welcoming new recruits, attending clan meetings and being involved in their clan's activities.


    A Sergeant is the first line of defense against people breaking the code of honor. They should know the rules and rank structure of SEF intimately and be heavily involved in clan activities and meetings. All Code of Honor infractions witnessed by the Sergeant should be immediately reported to the Lieutenant.


    The Lieutenant is the Captain's right-hand man and the first point in the chain of command for lower ranks. He should help the captain arrange and run squad meetings, help update clan lists, and be present when new recruits are read the Code of Honor and explained the Rank Structure. If the Captain is unable to fulfill their duties for any reason, the Lieutenant should step in and cover the Captain's responsibilities. As a Lieutenant, one must also be the starting point for the chain of command for all lower ranks, answering questions, handling issues, and passing down information.


    The Captain is the head of their squad and is the first rank with true leadership responsibilities. They are responsible for planning and running squad meetings, keeping an updated squad list, setting up a Gamebattles account for their squad (optional), passing down all pertinent information, and making sure their squad is active in the community. They decide on promotions and demotions for all members in their squad, and are the deciding factor on what action to take if a member is not fulfilling their role or if they are breaking the Code of Honor. They work closely with the General to ensure their squad is working in the spirit of the community.


    The General is in charge of the entire clan and all the squads within it. The General is Lil_Aj_316.They must keep an updated clan list, hold meetings with captains, and ensure that everyone in their clan is following the Code of Honor. The General appoints all captains (with Section Leader approval) and has veto power over any promotions or demotions happening within their clan. They must work closely with the Section Leader and both pass information up to the Section Leader about how their clan is doing, as well as passing information down letting their Captains know what needs to change. Generals have the power to remove any member under them from the community if they are not following the Code of Honor. Generals are the backbone of the community and make sure it is running properly.

    Section Leaders

    A Section Leader can always be distinguished by the letters “IS” after their name. They are proven leaders in SEFand are trusted with looking over a number of clans and working closely with the Council Leaders and Generals in making decisions to make their clans better. Although they do not directly handle the clans they overlook, they are there to offer support and advice to the General on how they should handle their decisions. Section Leaders appoint new Generals (with Council approval) and have the power to overturn any decision made by a General if necessary. They hold weekly meetings with all Generals and Captains in their section to make promotion/demotion decisions, pass down information, and get a feel for how their clans are doing that week. Section Leaders are often asked to help in the decision making process of the Council and help make choices that affect the community as a whole.

    Division Leaders

    Divison Leaders are tenured members in SEF and are the right hand men of the Council. They have proved themselves as a General and Section Leader and are identified by the "DX" after their name. The Division Leader's job will include but is not limited to Enforcing the Honor Code enforcement, Helping the Section Leaders, and Moderating the Web Site. The Division Leaders will help the section leaders with decisions and questions about the clans but will not be directly involved in the workings of the clan.

    Council Leaders

    Council Leaders are the founders of the community and make community wide decisions that they feel will benefit Independent Gaming. All decisions of the Council are made by a Majority decision and are final.

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